Benefits of Daily Nascent Iodine Supplements


Avoiding thyroid problems from heavy metal ingestion

A thyroid is arguably the most important gland in the human body, and adding a nascent iodine supplement to the diet is the best way to maintain health.  The thyroid’s function, simply, is to produce two hormones that together regulate crucial functions in the body – everything from appetite to protein development on the mitochondrial scale. Due to the far reaching effects of these thyroid produced hormones, it is here where iodine begins its journey to the cellular structures of the body.

Nascent Iodine

As part of its function in the body, iodine regulates metabolism and cleanses harmful elements from the system. If it is not present, or found only in low quantities, the thyroid gland will work overtime trying to introduce more to the body, and this can cause serious health issues. With a decrease in naturally occurring iodine from a normal diet, it is estimated 90% of people experience a deficiency in this base requirement for healthy body processes. Though iodine occurs naturally in minerals and organic products, commercial processing practices strip away any beneficial elements before reaching a consumer’s table, hence the government-mandated addition of iodine in table salt. Nascent iodine, a much more effective supplement, can be introduced through ingestion on an atomic level, versus a molecular one, increasing effectiveness.

Supplementing with Nascent Iodine

In conjunction with its cellular building properties, iodine also cleanses the body of industrial chemicals and heavy metals. With the increasingly harmful environmental additions of radioactive elements introduced to the world food supply, thanks in part to nuclear accidents like Chernobyl in Russia and the recent Fukushima reactor disaster in Japan, iodine deficiency is a very real concern. Problems such as base mineral deficiencies, enlarged thyroid glands, and a breakdown of physiological functions attached to thyroid function are direct results of these foreign impurities entering the body. If compromised with the introduction of such heavy-metal radioactive materials, a body can cleanse itself with a supplement of nascent iodine.

Where to Find Iodine Supplements

Simply relying on iodized salt to compensate for lower levels of iodine in a body is not enough to combat the environmental effects the world is now experiencing. Trace minerals are disappearing from the soils from years of commercial use, and the processing of food is stripping away what is left. However, because of its significance, supplemental iodine can easily be obtained in either liquid or capsule form as an over the counter product in drugstores and health stores across the country.  As with any supplemental program concerning your diet, it is recommended to speak with a physician before embarking on a treatment program.


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